Frankie graduated from the filmmaking diploma course with distinction from the prestigious London Film Academy in 2013, since then, he's been making his way into the business with hard work and dedication.

He started his filmmaking career by covering various roles in several productions, including Camera Operator for a LondonLive documentary, and 1st Assistant Director for independent features and music videos, eventually focusing in his scriptwriting and producing skills, creating a comedy webseries that has had growing followers since it's debut.

Frankie already collaborated with Thanos Psimadis in different occasions, with his essential views and invaluable experience, Thanos completed Frankie's unique vision and storytelling ability.




  • Writer/Producer/Director – SPINHOOD: SPIN THE WHEEL – Commercial

        [DOP Thanos Psimadis]

  • Writer/Producer/Director – LIVING TOGETHER – web series

        [DOP Thanos Psimadis]             

  • 1st Assistant Director – MAKE A BRIGHTER DAY – music video

        [Dir. Nosa Igbinedion – DOP AKBE]

  • Shooting Director – THE ONES BESIDE ME – music video

        [for Artist Anin Rose]                      

  • 1st Assistant Director – PARALLEL – feature film

        [Dir. Ieva Makselyte – DOP Valerio Filardo]

  • 1st Assistant Director – THE LOCK IN – short film

        [Dir. Nick Cohen – DOP Tim Wood]

  • 1st Assistant Director – MISTAKEN – feature film

        [Dir. PJ Mundy – DOP Tommaso Radice]

  • Director of Photography – SIDE EFFECTS – award winner short film

        [Canon 6D – Dir. Bruna Bellettati]

  • 1st Assistant Director – THE TYPIST – short film

        [Dir. Nadezhda Ilieva – DOP Andrew Morgan]

  • Director of Photography – ANTS – short film

        [ARRI Alexa – Dir. Joshua Carter]

  • Director – DRIVE – music video

        [BMCC 4K – DOP Michael Spry]

  • Camera Operator – YOUNG UPSTARTS – UK TV channel LondonLive

        [Canon 6D, Dir. Richard Mejeh]

  • 1st Assistant Director – MIND GAMES – music video

        [Dir.David Molineux, DOP Luca Rocchini]

  • Writer/Director/Actor - DORIAN - short film

        [Canon 5D, DP Yury Sharov]

  • Director of Photography - BELL TOWER ENIGMA – award winner short film

        [RED Scarlet, Dir. Daniel D. Reimer]

  • Director - The Venus Bushfires Live - music videos

        [Canon 5D]

  • 1st Assistant Director – AWAKE IN HIS DREAM – short film

        [Arri S3 16mm, DP Lex De Vroomen]

  • Writer/Director – THE DEVIL HIMSELF – short film

        [Arri S3 16mm, DOP Danny Ku]

  • 1st Assistant Director - THREE – short film

        [Arri S3 16mm, DOP Yuri Sharov]

  • Director of Photography – WAKE UP BABY – short film

        [Arri S3 16mm, Dir. Danny Ku]

  • Camera Operator – VIOLIN LESSON

        [Arri S3 16mm, Dir. Emanuele Gabbi]

  • Writer/Director/Actor – CHILLIN TIME - music video

        [Sony Zeiss DCAM, DOP Mauro Biondo]

  • Writer/Director – SHAKE IT OUT – music video

        [Sony Zeiss DCAM, DOP Mauro Biondo]

  • Writer/Director – CYANOPHOBIA – short film

        [Arri S3 16mm, DOP Santiago Gonzales-Barros]

  • Writer/Director/Actor - THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO DO - short film

        [Sony Zeiss DCAM, DOP Frankie Contino]

  • Writer/Director/Actor - HAPPY FAMILY - short film

        [Sony Zeiss DCAM, DP Frankie Contino]

  • Writer/Director/Actor - La moglie (The wife) - short film