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If you are interested in filming your own acting showreel, press the button below to be transfered to the Cinematic Showreels' section!

Film Art has a very clear intention; to turn a normal scene into a short-film. Aiming for the showreels to be completely coherent in order to fully capture the actor’s artistry and showcase their talent, Film Art produces unique content in order to best showcase the acting skills of the client.

The in-house creative team will assist with all the relevant contributors, as it is responsible for scripting, production and post-production, aiming to produce unique and memorable material.


Enhancing on professional lighting, unique mise-en-scène and remarkable scripting, the only aim is for the product to seem as a part taken straight out of a film, raising its production value as it emphasises on location and original content. 

Dance Showreels

We are all about the visuals. Film Art Productions' style is characterised by its coherent and fluid movement when it comes to cinematography.

The aim is to capture every aspect of the dancer’s choreography and style, in order to best demonstrate on-screen their potential and skills.


Film Art focuses a lot on the production process, especially in terms of production value and location. London’s cityscape provides a variety of powerful backdrops to work at, from the futuristic skyscrapers, to its edgy architectural tunnels and lanes. Moreover, collaborating with studios across London, Film Art gives the chance to the dancers to film their routines based on their own needs, from solo, to duets, to group performances.